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Global Social Initiative on Aging (GSIA) concerned by fostering collaborative, trans-national approaches to the creation and transfer of knowledge at the intersections of global trends and population ageing.


The GSIA will address critical challenges arising from these global trends including:

  • The sustainability of older rural populations who face increased poverty and out-migration of young people arising from the impact of climate change.

  • The ability of families to sustain intergenerational support in the face of poverty, pandemics, and changing family structures and beliefs.

  • Global shifts in world economies toward the individualization of risk that have led to increasing income disparities, older adults who are left behind in migratory transitions, and widening north-south divides.

  • The erosion or absence of social welfare provisions that have resulted in increasing social and economic costs of care.


  • Position IAGG as a responsive, insightful and visible voice of global issues on ageing

  • Create global evidence of how key contexts of ageing (people, place and policy) influence well-being of older people.

  • Solidify the master class program, underpinned by the principle of inclusion of scholars from all Regions.

  • Create outlets for timely, ongoing, widespread and active knowledge mobilization with key regional and international organizations and governments

Program Chair: Dr. Norah Keating

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Pictured (left): Norah Keating (IAGG GSIA), Patricia Conboy (HelpAge International), Susan Reinhard (AARP), Claire Champeix (Eurocarers). Taking part in a network meeting and seminar of the ROSEnet COST Action program, Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy. Meetings were held at the Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium in Brussels, February 19-21. Claire Champeix, Susan Reinhard and Patricia Conboy took part in a policy panel, Stakeholder Perspectives on Old-age Exclusion and Policy. Norah Keating presented a workshop on “Identifying Policy Messages toward Making a Difference".

Pictured (center): Norah Keating, Director of the IAGG Global Social Issues on Aging (GSIA), met with members of the Sustainable Care program. The program aims to improve how care is planned, resourced, organized, delivered and experienced, by providing evidence to inform the decisions, policies and actions of governments, employers, families, older people and care sector stakeholders. The Sustainable Care program comprises 20 scholars in 7 universities, linked to an international network spanning 15 countries.

Pictured (right): Norah Keating, Director, IAGG Global Social Issues on Ageing, was an invited speaker at a consultation with the Canadian Minister of Families, Children and Social Development in Ottawa. The topic of the consultation was Social Exclusion of Older Persons in Canada. Participants in the consultation were representatives of groups of older persons in Canada at risk of social exclusion including: First Nations, Aboriginal and Metis; LGBTQ, and Persons with Disabilities, Immigrants and Refugees. Social Exclusion is an important theme in the work of the GSIA.

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