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Each member organization shall pay each year to the Treasurer of the Association membership dues based on the size of its membership. The fee is limited to a maximum of five US dollars per member of each society. A list of organizations (societies) and of individual members of the Association shall be maintained by the Secretary General and will be available to members of theAssociation upon request. Member organizations and individual members are required to pay dues annually. New organizations (societies) must pay one-year's dues before they are admitted to voting membership in the Council.

The fee is $USD 0.55 per member of constituent organizations. That fee level was established by Council in 1997.


Any member-organization (society) or individual member of the Association who fails to pay dues
within each twelve months’ interval, shall be in arrears. Arrears in payment of dues for one year shall automatically result in loss of eligibility (right) to participate or to vote in the affairs of the Association (Council) during the period of arrears.


Arrears in payment of dues for two consecutive years shall automatically terminate membership in the Association in the absence of special action by Council. However, a penalty fee owed a member organization that fails to pay dues, and wishes to maintain their membership status in IAGG, is described in the MOP. Otherwise, the Council, legally constituted, may by a two-thirds vote (which may also be by mail) decide not to terminate automatically membership of an organization (society) or of an individual for non-payment of dues for good and sufficient reasons. Such decisions must be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee. Council may by a two-thirds vote terminate membership of a member organization (society) or of an individual member for any reason it may seem necessary. The proposition to terminate membership shall be made by the Executive Committee to the Council. The reason why must be explained clearly. The organization or member subject to this procedure must be able to defend orally or by mail.


Bank Name: First Republic Bank

Bank Address: 1230 Avenue of The Americas, New York, New York 10020

Bank Account #: 80006466652

Swift code: FRBBUS6S

Beneficiary: IAGG


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